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Dry, straight type steel wire drawing machine can be used for drawing various kind of steel wire with high running speed. The machine is designed as rigid structure and high automation to make the process higher stability and easier operation. It can be also designed according to customer’s requirements.

Drawing Machine Features:

1. Available for high/medium/low carbon steel, stainless steel wire.

2. Rigid structure

3. Sensitive tension roller

4. Tungsten carbide coated capstans

5. High cooling efficiency for capstan and die box

6. First class electric elements

7. PLC control and easy touch screen operation

8. High safety standard

Main Technical Specification
Item LZn/350 LZn/450 LZn/560 LZn/700 LZn/900 LZn/1200
Drawing Capstan
350 450 560 700 900 1200
Max. Inlet Wire Dia.(mm)
4.3 5.0 7.5 13 15 20
Max. Inlet Wire Dia.(mm)
3.5 4.0 6.0 9 21 26
Min. Outlet Wire Dia.(mm) 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.5 2.4 2.8
Max. Working Speed(m/s) 30 26 20 16 10 12
Motor Power(KW) 11-18.5 11-22 22-45 37-75 75-110 90-132
Speed Control AC variable frequency speed control
Noise Level Less than 80 dB

The flux-cored wire line is technologically advanced to ensure a reliable, consistent, and stable FCW manufacturing process. The whole line is composed of four sections: steel strip forming, chemical flux filling, steel strip closing and strip compacting. The forming rolls and drawing capstans are individually motorized by AC motor.

Production flow:

1st, Steel strip pay-off unit---Degreasing&Drying unit----Forming unit----Drawing machine---Spool take-up

2nd, Spool pay-off----Fine drawing machine----Spool take-up

Main features of flux-cored wire line

1, Suitable for low carbon and stainless steel;

2, Flux feeder belt powered with servo motor and synchronized with forming motor speed;

3, High precision flux filling rate;

4, Laser detector for flux filling process

Main technical specification:
Steel strip material Low carbon steel, stainless steel
Steel strip width 8-18mm
Steel tape thickness 0.3-1.0mm
Feeding speed 70-100m/min
Flux filling accuracy ±0.5%
Final drawn wire size 1.0-1.6mm
Drawing line speed Max. 20m/s
Motor/PLC/Electrical elements SIEMENS/ABB

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