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We supply PC steel wire drawing and stranding machine specialized for producing PC wire and strand used in pre stressing of concrete for construction of various types of structures (Road, River & Railway, Bridges, Building, etc.). The machine could produce flat or ribbed shape PC wire indicated by client.

PC Stranding Line Process:

Bow skip strander-------Induction heating furnace------Water cooling tank-----Straightener-----Tension device------Take-up

1. High efficiency of induction furnace and cooling tank

2. Double position pan coiler for PC wire collecting

3. High safety standard

4. High working speed

5. Rigid construction of machine

PC Wire Stranding Machine
Item Unit Specification
Strand product size mm 9.53; 11.1; 12.7; 15.24; 17.8
Line working speed m/min 100m/min for 15.24mm
Tension wheel diameter mm 2200
Heating furnace power KW 600
Heating temperature 370-420

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