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▶ Dry Steel Wire Drawing Machine
1.Dry drawing machine
3.Wire Pretreatment Equipments
6.Auxiliary equipments
7.Inverter Vertical Wire Drawing Machine
▶ PC Steel Wire Drawing Line
▶ PC Steel Stranding Line
▶ Steel wire heat treatment line
▶ Steel rope stranding machine
▶ Steel wire galvanizing line


Production flow:

Pay-off—Straightening unit—Hot water cleaning unit—Caustic washing unit—Hot water cleaning unit—None acid mist pickling line—Water cleaning—Pretreatment tank—Hot-dip galvanizing furnace—Cooling system—Take-up

Line characters:

1. Applicable for High/medium/low carbon steel wire

2. High production line DV value

3. Coated zinc thickness can be required by customer

4. High heating efficiency and uniform zinc temperature

5. Famous international electric control elements

Main technical specification:
Item Specification
Steel wire diameter(mm) 0.8-13.0
Number of steel wires 12-40 (As customer required)
Line DV value ≤150 (Depend on product)
Temperature of liquid zinc in zinc pot(℃) 440-460

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